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About Us

It can sometimes be confusing when you’re looking for a chiropractic Doctor who will give you the best chiropractic care and service.  Especially if you’ve never seen a doctor of chiropractic before and you’re not 100% sure what you need to look for or ask them!

You’re Given The Time & Attention You Need

1page_imgAs your chiropractic Doctor, I make sure I take the time to fully explain your chiropractic care to you, and spend time with you as a patient, explaining about your treatment until you’re comfortable with everything that will be happening.

I often get told I’m a good listener and have even been able to help and advise people who are suffering from depression. That is  why most of my patients feel good not only physically but also mentally after visiting with me.  Most of them end up telling me I should be a psychologist!

For me, the best part about what I do is seeing you have fun and enjoying your time while you are coming for treatment.  Knowing I am able to help you and cure your problem without drugs is a great feeling.  I can also help educate you about a healthier life style if you’re interested.

The Best Care For You

At our clinics we can offer you both chiropractic and acupuncture treatment at the same time which gets the best results for our patients.

You can be assured you’ll be getting the best quality treatment from highly qualified and professionally trained practitioners in modern, clean facilities. In addition we have an x-ray facility right down stairs , so if you need an x-ray its easy to pop downstairs.

Your privacy is also important to us and we respect your privacy by only treating one patient at a time with the door closed.

Our Goal Is To Make You Happy & Well

We do our best to accommodate you and are open from morning until 7 pm and no closing during mid day which gives you the opportunity to come during your lunch break. We always book patients in and ask you to be on time, but if you’re a bit late or early we will do our best to try and fit you in. We’re very flexible and kind so that even when we’re very busy and fully booked if you’ve got an emergency or you need to change your appointment for later, we make sure to do our best to make you happy.


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