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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer any questions you may have.  Check down this list of frequently asked question and if you can’t see the answer you’re looking for, then contact us today!

The Safety Of Chiropractic Care

Millions of patients across the globe love their chiropractor and appreciate our unique and safe approach to recovery from pain. Significant research suggests that chiropractic is the safest approach available for relief from neck pain, back pain headaches and other muscular skeletal complaints.

Can I claim ACC?

We are ACC Registered so that is great news for you!

Did you know that we can assess if you are eligible for ACC treatment and we will lodge an ACC claim for you when you come to your first appointment?

You do not have to go to your GP or doctor for this, so it saves you a lot of time and money.

Who can lodge a claim for ACC?  Anyone can lodge a claim who has an injury that has been caused by an accident or had a particular incident.

What does a chiropractor do?

Many people think a chiropractor clicks, pops, or break bones!

Chiropractic is a totally natural healing process and the main tool a chiropractor uses, are the hands. A chiropractor is concerned with the well-being of this vital organ that we have talked about called the nervous system, and it is our objective as chiropractors to locate,analyze and correct any vertebral subluxation that could be blocking your nerve transmission by means of natural chiropractic adjustment.

What is an adjustment?

A Chiropractic adjustment is the use of a specific force in a precise direction that helps your spinal function return to normal. The adjustment is applied to a joint that is fixated, “locked up”, or not moving properly and typically causing pain and discomfort. Adjustments help return the bones to a more normal position or motion, takes away nerve interference (subluxation) which restores your body’s natural healing.

Adjustments help normalize spinal function and avoid bone and soft tissue degeneration. When nervous system function improves in this way, the body can begin the natural healing process.  An optimum functioning spine equals optimum health.

An adjustment is extremely safe.

How does an adjustment feel and how long will it take?

Most patients report that being adjusted feels great. However, in some cases the individual may be sore the first couple of times. An adjustment takes only a minute or two, but the vital nerve energy it releases can last for hours, days, or even weeks, depending on the stage of your care.

How many times do I need to come? Why do I still need to come if I feel good now?

A body can malfunction for half a lifetime in some people before a symptom shows up, signaling them to have something done. If that first symptom is serious, like a heart attack, stroke or major cancer growth, it may be too late to help the patient.

Pain and symptoms are usually the last to show up when there is a body malfunction and the first to disappear. This is especially common in cases where spinal pain is present. Once the spinal adjustment is made, the joint pressure is removed, nerves work better and the pain quits. The nerves, ligaments and muscles, however, have just begun to heal. To “patch up” the problem and not correct the underlying cause will normally result in a re-occurrence of the condition soon after; usually worse than before.

Please, don’t ever make the mistake of letting your symptoms, or even the absence of them, dictate how healthy you are.

What are the basic steps when I come to see you?

Firstly a consultation, then a new patient examination, if there is an injury we will initiate ACC to refer to x-ray. You don’t need any referral for ACC – both of us acupuncturist and chiropractor are ACC registered.

Can I be adjusted if I am sick?

In most circumstances yes, an adjustment will help your body regain control and balance to better fight off your condition.  Talk to your Chiropractor about your condition before your session just to make sure.

Does chiropractic care really work?

Chiropractic treatments have been working for people from all walks of life for over a hundred years.  Hear what others have to say about Dominion Chiropractic Care.  My patients have achieved an improvement in various areas of their lives by using chiropractic as a health maximisation tool.

Can babies and young children see a chiropractor?

Yes, having your babies and kids checked by a chiropractor is very good idea because babies can get out of alignment during the birthing process.  A small injury in a child left uncorrected will begin to degenerate and may not show up for 10 or 20 years.

What does subluxation mean?

Subluxations are bad news, there are no good subluxations, a subluxation simply means less message to the brain which means less function.

There are three main causes:
Physical stresses – things like sporting injuries, child birth, learning to walk, car accidents, physical fatigue, poor posture and etc.

The 2nd cause is emotional stress, it might sound freaky but scientific research has proven that emotional stress can impact heavily on muscles causing them strain and spasm, and also on nerves and ligaments.

The 3rd cause of subluxation – chemical factors and hormone imbalance, Drugs,alcohol, tobacco, food preservatives, and many medications can also upset your innate hormonal balance.


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