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Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower back pain treatment is an effective way to treat both acute and chronic back pain. There are many causes to this pain, and our experienced chiropractic Doctors are capable of reducing the pain through spinal adjustments. If you are tired of feeling that pain everyday, then please call our office immediately and schedule an appointment. Our lower back pain treatment has helped many people live life again without the constant threat of pain.


Lower Back Pain Causes

There are many different causes of lower back pain, but here are some of the most common causes; repetitive physical stress, sport injury , bad posture , sitting for a long time behind the desk , disc herniation, injury, degeneration , muscle spasm , heavy lifting , long time standing and etc.

Injury or overuse of the muscles and joints in your lower back is a leading cause. Many people overuse their back at work or if improperly lifting weights. This can place pressure on the nerves, cause spinal swelling and a range of other problems. Our back pain management treatments can help reduce the pain so that you can get back to work or do your favorite activities without fear.

Another common cause is that pressure is being applied to the nerves in your spine. There are many different conditions that can result in this. For example, a herniated disc will place a lot of strain on your lower back. There are other conditions where the vertebrae swell, slip or decrease in size, which can lead to nerve pressure. Proper spinal alignment and adjustment can reduce the swelling and pressure so that the pain goes away.

These are just the common causes of lower back pain. There are hundreds of other possible causes. We will diagnose you during the initial consultation by reviewing your past medical history, using an x-ray film and checking your body to see what is causing the pain. This will allow us to find the best treatment method for your particular situation.


Treatment Options

We use two main techniques to help your lower back pain. Spinal adjustment is a common technique used by chiropractic doctors that utilizes high-velocity movements that will quickly move your spine in a controlled way. These movements are applied to the affected area, which will help reduce swelling and improve range of motion. It will also reduce nerve irritability by taking pressure away from the affected nerves.

We might also use mobilization techniques. Unlike the above method that is known by its popping noise and fast movements, mobilization adjustment utilizes low-velocity movements by stretching your muscles and joints. This will help improve your range of motion and reduce pain while properly adjusting your lower back so that the pain will decrease to a manageable level.

There are many other treatment options at our disposal, and we will talk about the best ones for your pain during the initial consultation.


Is It Effective?

This is a common question because a Doctor of chiropractic doesn’t use surgery or medication to aid in pain relief. There have been many studies showing that proper spinal alignment can significantly reduce lower back pain. This is a long-term option that has helped thousands of people get back to their daily lives without that debilitating pain.

We will talk to you about what you can expect from lower back pain treatment and how many sessions it will take for you to feel better. However, we do suggest long-term sessions as a preventative method even after the pain is gone to ensure that it doesn’t return.


What About Cost?

Chiropractic care is an affordable option when compared to long-term medication use or surgery. You will usually spend about 20% or less than what you would on a complicated surgery. Not only that, but our procedures have been proven to be very effective, and less risky, when compared to surgery,

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