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As well as a full range of spinal treatments, we also treat frozen shoulders and other extremities injuries such as; shoulder, wrist , elbow ,knee and  ankle. We offer treatment of injuries through ACC.

DSC_0559[1]For many issues, a combination of chiropractic and acupuncture treatment works well.

We can offer weight loss, burning scar tissue and organ disease with our acupuncture treatments.

Many of our patients who have never previously tried acupuncture, have tried it with great results.


An Individual Treatment Plan To Suit You


Everyone is different and no one problem will respond to treatment in the same way in every person.  For this reason we will tailor a package to suit you and your individual circumstance.

The reality is that your body can malfunction for half a lifetime before you notice a symptom such as pain, and its only then you get the signal that it is time to have something done.


Unfortunately pain and symptoms are usually the last to show up when there is a body malfunction and the first to disappear and this is especially common in cases where spinal pain is present.

Once the spinal adjustment is made, the joint pressure is removed, nerves work better and the pain quits. The nerves, ligaments and muscles, however, have just begun to heal. To “patch up” the problem and not correct the underlying cause will normally result in a re-occurrence of the condition soon after; usually worse than before.

This is why sometimes patients feel they are ‘better’ before they really are and there is a serious need for ongoing treatments.  This is why, if you require ongoing treatments, we offer a concession card (with a great discount) for chiropractic treatment. 15 visits is normally $750 but with a concession card you can pay in two different installments and get $150 discount.


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